From the last few months, there is a common feature which you can find in every phone is dark mode. It is not only good for the device as it reduces the battery consumption and the exposure to blue light that affects your ability to sleep. Most Instagram users prefer Instagram night mode because it aesthetically appears on their eyes. In the last few months, many apps have rolled out dark mode for their application. Here is how to enable Instagram dark mode on the web, app, android, ios and extension settings. 

How To Enable Dark Mode On Instagram 

If you are wondering how you can enable the dark mode on Instagram by using the go dark mode chrome extension then here are the few steps you need to follow. Also, make sure that you are using the go dark mode chrome extension only on your PC or laptop as it is not supported for mobile phones. It works great on the PC and also you can see the display screen in dark mode as earlier it was only allotted with the sidelines of the app but now we have a go dark mode chrome extension where you can view the page in dark theme. 

However, for enabling the go dark mode theme on your PC download the go dark mode chrome extension from the official website. Dark mode for Instagram is available for Android users.  

The steps to activate dark mode on your android phone are as follows: 

  • Firstly, you need to go to your phone settings, scroll down, and then tap on the display. 
  • Then you can enable the dark theme from the options available. 
  • The Instagram dark mode will be enabled. 

How To activate Dark Mode On Phone

  • Firstly, you need to go to your phone’s settings.  
  • Now you need to select display and brightness.  
  • Then you need to tap on dark mode to change your phone’s theme and now Instagram will automatically launch the dark mode. 
  • Dark mode helps you in quickly switching your screen on the browser into dark mode at night time.  
  • Dark mode serves you as a button where you can easily enable and quickly switch to a dark or light theme on your mobile or laptop screen.  

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Instagram App Dark Mode 

Go Darkmode chrome extension is a display setting where everything turns out to be dark. Instagram night mode might be helpful for your eyesight and help you to use Instagram more comfortably. 

For enabling Instagram app dark mode. However, these are just simple steps where you can simply apply the dark theme on your mobile phones but the Go dark mode extension isn’t available on smartphones. 

  • First, you need to open your settings. 
  • And then scroll down.  
  • Then tap on display at top of the display page  
  • Select dark to enable Dark mode.  
  • Now you can open your Instagram app which will now appear in Dark mode. 

Instagram Web Dark Mode 

If you are using mobile devices for a long period of time the excess of white light from the screen can cause weak eyesight and headaches. You can go for the GO dark mode extension as it is a perfect extension for Instagram web dark mode.  

Key features of GO Dark Mode chrome Extension

Now with the GoDarkmode extension, you can enjoy your Instagram in dark themes without any complex steps. Go dark mode is an extension that is quite easy to use and performs well especially when used in laptop computers for Instagram web dark mode. 


  • Works on one-click setup 
  • Provides night mode 
  • A good battery saver 
  • Supportive to every website 
  • Globally enable dark mode 
  • Allows autosave changes 
  • Integration with lite mode 
  • Features multilingual 

How To Use The Go Dark Mode Chrome Extension?  

Recently, people are moving towards night mode as it makes your usage of Instagram more comfortable and leads you to live a life with better eyesight and less eye fatigue.  

For enabling the Instagram web dark mode with GO Dark Mode Extension on your laptop or PC- 

  • You should first install the GO dark mode extension. 
  • You can download it from our official website. 
  • Then click on the dark mode extension icon.  
  • Then you will get an option to enable the dark mode.  
  • Tap on the slider to enable the dark theme. 

Go Dark Mode Extension Benefits

  • Enhances eyesight 
  • Power backup 
  • Convenient to use.  


Now with the use of GO Dark Mode Extensions, you can easily switch to dark mode on Instagram. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned steps and enjoy the dark mode theme on your Instagram. GO Dark mode Extensions are specially designed to present the best view experience for their customer’s eyesight and keep them safe from UV rays. If you are interested in living a life with great eyesight then you should use GO Dark mode Extension and with this vast spread of GO Dark mode extension in the future, it will be compulsory for all the smartphones and apps to have permanently enabled GO Dark Mode Extension. 

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