How To Enable Facebook  Dark Mode on Chrome & Safari? 

How To Enable Facebook  Dark Mode on Chrome & Safari? 


Want to enable Facebook in Dark Mode? If you’re a fan of dark mode for iPhone and iPad, you might also be interested in using Dark Mode on Facebook, the world’s largest social network. Dark Mode on Facebook is available in several ways, including Facebook on the web and Facebook Messenger. In this article you will know about how to enable dark mode on Facebook.

How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode On Chrome And Safari (Desktop)

Facebook’s desktop site received a new look earlier this year, which included an optional dark mode. The process of rolling out the new design to everyone took a long time, but it was finally completed in October 2020. 

To utilize Facebook dark mode on your desktop, download our Go Dark Mode extension, go to ‘Display preferences,’ and then toggle the dark mode on with the switch.  

If you prefer the old-style Facebook layout and did not upgrade when given the opportunity, you may still obtain a similar experience by forcing dark mode on Facebook with Google Chrome. The result isn’t quite as smooth as the official dark mode, but it’s close. 

First, make sure you’re using Chrome’s most recent version. If you’re not sure, go to the main menu, pick ‘Help,’ then ‘About Google Chrome,’ and the browser will automatically find and install any available updates.  

Change the first drop-down option from ‘Default’ to ‘Enabled’ in chrome:/flags/#enable-force-dark in the address bar. If you don’t save your work first, you’ll be requested to relaunch the browser. 

When you reopen Chrome, you’ll notice that all of the sites you visit, including Facebook, have reversed colors where applicable. It’s not perfect (white sections of photographs are occasionally wrongly converted black), but it’s a good start. 

Dark Mode is available in Chrome and Safari when using Facebook on the web via We’ll start with Chrome and then move on to Safari. 

Enable Dark Mode on Facebook using Chrome

If you use the Google Chrome web browser to access, you can forcibly enable Dark Mode on Facebook by using a Chrome feature: 

  1. Install Chrome dark mode Extension. 
  1. Visit Facebook’s official website. 
  1. Click on the Extension icon. 
  1. You will find an Enable dark mode option there. 
  1. Choose to enable Dark Mode there with the dropdown option. 

Note that this has the unintended consequence of forcing all other websites with Dark Mode options to use it as well, so this will enable Dark Mode on as well as any other website that supports it. Some users could find that acceptable, while others might not. 

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Enable Dark Mode on Facebook using Safari

This dark mode method from also works in Safari on Mac. Just you have to download the Dark Mode extension on Mac and then visit with the Safari web browser. 

Click on activate extension. 

Choose to enable dark mode extension from there. 

Give the required permissions and enjoy the dark with darkness. 

How To Install Go dark Mode Extension And Turn On Facebook’s Dark Mode (Desktop)

  • To download the dark mode chrome extension, just go to the chrome store and install the extension. 
  • After the installation is complete, you will be prompted to change the extension’s language settings.  
  • The dark mode is now the default setting for any website you visit from now on, but especially for Facebook and Facebook Messenger.  
  • You’d like to try out three different modes in general. 

           Dark Mode – To provide you with the smoothest dark experience possible, all colors, tiny pictures, and icons will be transformed. 

           Filtered Mode –The colors of the web pages will not change, but you can still change brightness, contrast, warmth, and other settings. 

           Normal Mode– Return to your previous browsing experience. 

  • By opening the extension window, you can modify it by applying filters, scheduling when Night Eye should work, and much more. 

On Android And iPhone, How Do You Enable Facebook’s dark Mode Using Go Dark Mode Extension

It’s been a long time coming, but Facebook now has a dark mode for iOS and Android. To enable it, select ‘Settings and Privacy from the menu icon in the top right corner of the app (for Android) or the three lines in the bottom right-hand corner (for iPhone) (represented by a cog icon). 

Here’s where you’ll find the ‘Dark Mode’ choice (with a moon icon). When you tap this, you’ll see three options: on, off, and use system settings. First, two seem to be self-explanatory, while the third will use your phone’s operating system’s color palette. 

Messenger’s long-awaited Dark mode (iOS and Android only!) is now available! You probably learned about it because a friend sent you a crescent moon emoji. The dark mode option can no longer be accessed by sending a crescent moon emoji.  

You’ll be requested to enable dark mode after sending the emoji.  

For any smartphone app, web app, or website, dark mode is becoming the norm. It’s no surprise that interest in dark UI has increased dramatically since 2018. Our eyes are paying the price for screen addiction as we spend more and more time staring at displays. The dark mode lowers glare and is especially beneficial at night or in low-light situations. 

Why Choose Dark mode

Health and wellbeing:- 

During a Google I/O interview last week, Sameer Samat, Google’s VP of product management for Android and Play, said, “Everyone can relate to being in a room where the lights are turned down and you’ve got this white screen blinding you.” One Reddit member did a great job of summarising the benefits of dark mode in the following way: 

“It’s gloomy at night, but it’s light on the screen.” It hurts our eyes.  It’s dark at night, and it’s dark on the screen. “It never hurts our eyes.”  

But it’s not just our eyes that are affected by spending all day staring at bright blue screens. Light exposure also suppresses the hormone melatonin, which is necessary for sleep. 

Battery saving:- 

Dark mode apps can help your smartphone’s battery last longer. Google has confirmed that utilizing dark mode on OLED screens improves battery life significantly. The Dark Mode interface in the YouTube app, for example, saves roughly 15% screen energy when compared to a flat white background at 50% brightness. The dark interface saves a remarkable 60% of screen energy when set to 100% screen brightness. While OLED panels are most commonly associated with Android devices, there has recently been some good news for iPhone users as well. Apple has stated that all LCD panels would be phased out by 2020 and that all future products will include OLED displays. Because native dark mode is expected to arrive on both iOS and Android later this year, it appears to be a promising enhancement to our phones’ battery life. 

Looks amazing:- 

To be honest, dark mode just looks incredible. While most items have the same basic white aesthetic, the dark mode offers something unique that feels intriguing and fresh. It also gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to presenting graphic content like graphs, dashboards, graphics, and photos. 

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