How To Enable Dark Mode On Windows 10 &11 

How To Enable Dark Mode On Windows 10 &11 


Chrome’s Dark Mode relieves eye strain and allows you to work more productively without being weary. In this article, you will learn how to enable dark mode on Windows 10 & 11.   

 The default setting on most devices is to display black text with a white background. If you set dark mode as the default setting, the screen will display white text with a dark background.  

The dark mode reduces blue light exposure and helps to relieve eye strain caused by prolonged screen time.  

 Currently, many platforms, like browsers, online websites, and e-book reader apps, are compatible with dark mode. If the application or platform supports dark mode, users can easily switch to dark mode by clicking on the dark mode option. Popular applications like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word currently do not support dark mode. 

How To Enable Dark Mode On Windows 10 & 11?

 The fastest and most convenient way to enable dark mode on Windows 10 & 11 is by Installing Go Dark Mode chrome extension. Go dark mode supports every website on the internet including popular social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. Currently Go dark mode extension is supported by desktop chrome browser users only but in near future other browsers may also support this extension.  

 Enabling Dark mode on Windows Desktops & PCs  

 Here is the quick guide to use Dark mode on Windows: –  

  •  First, you need to install the Dark Mode extension from the link given at the start of the article, or you can also download the extension from the Chrome web store.  
  • Now, simply visit any website for which you want to enable Dark Mode.  
  • In the right-top corner of the Chrome browser, you will get an option to turn on Dark Mode.  
  • Tap the slider to turn on Dark Mode on the Windows in the final step.  

 Advantages of using Dark Mode on Windows 10 & 11  

  •  It reduces energy consumption on laptops & Desktop PCs   
  • Dark Mode gives a fresh look to your devices.  
  • Protects your eyes from too much strain.  

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Is there any inbuilt feature to turn on Dark mode in Windows 11?  

Windows dark mode is an integrated feature of Windows 11 and you can activate it very easily on Windows 11 but Microsoft does not allow users to customize the Dark mode.   

There are two options available for users for Inbuilt Dark Mode feature in Windows 

  • First Mode is custom Mode. In this mode you will be able to set dark & light mode separately for Windows interface and apps.   
  • Second mode is Dark Mode. This mode can be helpful for the users, if they want dark mode for Windows and light mode for apps.  

Can I enable dark mode on a gaming console?  

Yes you can. If you are a gamer, dark mode is a must-have feature for your gaming console. The PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One all have some way to enable dark mode on them.  

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