Enable Dark Mode On Google Chrome 

Enable Dark Mode On Google Chrome 


A new feature called dark mode is introduced by Google Chrome. If you use the light version that’s all okay but, if you use the new featured dark mode it will provide you with a more relaxing browsing experience. We can use Google Chrome dark themes in phones and PCs as well. It’s really very relaxing for the eyes too and one can work more comfortably in the Google Chrome browser, after applying this dark mode to your PC or laptop. And nowadays dark mode on Google Chrome is a new popular trend in our technical world.  And mainly all websites and applications have dark mode as an option. Most of the popular applications like Instagram, and Facebook have their own dark mode enabled.  

How to enable dark mode on Google Chrome? 

  • The first step is to open Google chrome. After that go to the start button and open the settings. 
  • After you open the settings select personalization and then tap on the colors button. You will see two of the modes which include dark as well as light and it will be your default mode. 
  • Choose the dark mode as your default windows mode, and you are done. You can now enjoy using dark mode in google chrome. 
  • Moreover, some of the devices are not yet updated and do not have this amazing feature of dark mode. So, here is an amazing tool that you can easily use and enable dark mode in your devices. This tool is godarkmode.com. You just need to download this tool and open up your device settings and choose the dark mode as your default one. Now, you can easily enjoy working in this dark mode. There are various key features that you can get by using the go dark mode chrome extension. You can get night mode enabled easily as it supports every single website. Plus it has a good advantage that it has a battery saver too. This tool has a global dark mode as well and autosaves changes. 

Apply Google Dark Theme 

While it actually looks cool while having a dark or you can say black background as it makes things easier. Therefore there are many benefits of having this dark mode. Those who still don’t have the updated devices can use the Go Dark Mode extension to enable dark theme on Google chrome as it has the following benefits: 

  • It decreases eye strain 
  • Dry eyes for people who spend a lot of time staring at the screen. 
  • Extending the battery life of your device. 

This tool Go Dark Mode is available and can be downloaded on any of the devices you want no matter whether they are updated or not. It would still work on the device. And it is quite easy to use, you just need to download it and choose the dark mode option in the device settings to enable dark mode. 

Enable Dark reader on the Chrome browser 

Nowadays, the majority of desktops support the dark mode feature but those devices which don’t shouldn’t feel left-back because of the presence of this amazing tool namely Go Dark Mode

Dark mode is present in the updated desktops in the normal browser and steps to enable them are mentioned above. Using this in-built dark mode of chrome browser is surely a great idea but has certain perks. If we simply enable the browser’s dark mode it will clearly fulfill the feature of turning the homepage dark but the rest of the web pages will remain unchanged i.e. in their particular light mode. So in order to attain dark mode for all the web pages, you will have to make the changes in each webpage. On the other hand, if you use this GoDarkmode tool it will change the theme for all the webpages turning out to be a  global dark mode that can not only save your device’s battery but also help to reduce eye fatigue. In the near future, we will add this tool for safari and firefox users. 

Steps to enable Go Dark mode extension

Now, let us know how exactly it works.  

  • The very first step is, you need to install the chrome dark mode extension. 
  • Now, visit the website whichever you want. 
  • After that click on the extension icon. And there you will get an option to enable the dark mode feature. 
  • Then, just tap the slider to enable dark mode. 
  • And you are done. It is very easy to adapt and this amazing tool has a battery saver too that will save your device battery when you use it. 

Google Chrome Dark Mode Settings 

  • You can enable dark mode from your google chrome settings also.  
  • When you open google chrome on your device you will see three dots present at the top right corner of the screen. 
  • You need to click on that and select the option of settings and then choose the theme.  
  • After choosing the theme you can now click on the option of dark mode and enable it as your default theme mode. 

If your device still does not support dark mode you can easily download the tool Go Dark Mode and enable dark mode on your device’s google chrome. That tool has been specially made to enable dark mode themes in some devices which are not updated or do not have the feature of dark mode in their settings. 

You can use it by following very simple steps. You just need to install chrome dark mode extension in your device as that’s the very main thing. After that, you may visit any of the websites, and click on the extension icon given below. It will show you an option to enable the dark mode then you need to just tap the slider and your chrome will be now in dark mode. 


The dark mode is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but also prevents your eyes from strain and fatigue. Those who have the updated versions of their mobile phones or laptops can surely avail this facility of dark mode but ones with the older versions still have a backup option of using this amazing chrome extension “godarkmode.com”. Hence everyone can avail of the facility of the dark mode on Google chrome. 

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